Overall Objective

At least quarterly opportunities for membership engagement through local community groups annually within each of 胜博发娱乐app下载’s nine districts by 2022.​

To increase member engagement and create a sense of belonging within the Association, and to create a broader and more positive footprint locally and statewide, 胜博发娱乐app下载 strives to create more opportunities to connect with its membership which is spread throughout the state of North Carolina.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Articulate Vision, Purpose, and General Guidelines for Local Community Groups

  • By Summer 2021, the 胜博发娱乐app下载 will have defined purpose, mission, roles of Staff/Board/Members and values of the community group initiative
  • By Summer 2021, the 胜博发娱乐app下载 will have developed guidelines for local groups and engagement

Create Local Community Groups Tailored to Local Needs

  • By Q2 2022, a minimum of nine community groups formed and initial meetings held

Initiate Local Activities, Events, and Other Opportunities for Engagement

  • By Q1 2022, attendance in established community groups grows by 25% per year
  • By Q2 2023, each local community group sets individual goals for numbers and types of activities offered for local membership engagement

Develop Partnerships with other Local Associations, Groups, & Orgs

  • By Q3 2022, at least one partnership established with a local group or organization that provides beneficial services pertinent to 胜博发娱乐app下载 members in each of the nine districts
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